Hangzhou Xingchen 3B Dental Instrument & Material Co., Ltd. ,established in 1999, is one of the leading manufacturers with advanced technology and excellent service in China. Products mainly cover SL Brackets, Ceramic Brackets, Conventional Metal Brackets, Buccal Tubes, Molar Bands and related Accessories and Instruments. 3B has CE, FDA, ISO13485 and a is highly recognized supplier for orthodontic products. Due to the High Quality Products, Professional Service and Continuous Innovation, 3B grows hand in hand with our customers.


Astar is one of the most professional ortho manufacturer in China, supplying Brackets, Bands, Tubes, Archwires, etc. Astar create a unique system to design, manufacturing, improve the quality of products all the time, while maintaining a reasonable price.



AVM Ortho, Inc. is a company engaged in the importation and distribution of orthodontic products including orthodontic pliers.

The company is the exclusive distributor of Ormco Orthodontic Products. Ormco Corporation, a member of the Danaher Corporation, is a U.S.-based company that has not been only into manufacturing but in the research of innovative,quality orthodontic appliances and materials.

To keep doctors updated on the latest in the field of Orthodontics, the company always participates in dental conventions nationwide to introduce unique and latest products available to help dental practices improve the patient experience and bolster their marketing efforts.


For more than 35 years, Henry Schein® Orthodontics™ (HSO) (formerly Ortho Organizers®) has been a leading U.S. manufacturer of orthodontic products for the domestic and international markets. In 2008, HSO became a member ofHenry Schein® Dental Specialties Group. HSOprovides a vast array of innovative products, services, and educational courses to help build a successful practice. The company’s product offering includes the Carriere® System, Triumph®Orthodontic Instruments, and the Maestro® Bracket System. For more information contact USASales@HenryScheinOrtho.com or visit our website at HenryScheinOrtho.com.


HUBIT CO., LTD. is a leading Korean manufacturer of orthodontic products since 2005. We have offered innovative products to achieve our missions with excellent know-how and accumulated experience with attentive customer service. HUBIT offers a complete line of orthodontic supplies which includes WOW Advanced Active Ceramic Self-ligation, YES Metal Self-ligation, Perfect Clear Sapphire brackets, OK Real Resin bracket, Chois Lingual Bracket, Tubes, Hooks, Orthodontic screws, Coated arch wires, facemasks and other related items.


We, at JAGAS MedicaDenta, however, are not allowing ourselves to be deluded by everything we have accomplished. Instead, we are utilizing our success as a challenge of what could still be achieved in the future. More importantly, our triumphs remind us of our beginnings and allow us to stay true to our roots.
The achievement of the company is a showcase of the harmonious blending of great ideas and practical application. The record shows the tremendous strides that JAGAS has made as it only looks toward one direction: forward!
After almost a decade of existence, JAGAS MedicaDenta Corp. is living up to its global vision. We are now ready to serve clients from around the world.

Manufacturers and suppliers of a high quality orthodontic products.

MEM is a highly reputed technology manufacturer for the Orthodontic industry founded in 2008. Our vision is to develop and manufacture “world class” orthodontic products and become a leading influence in the orthodontic field.

MEM’s high quality standards and expertise combining Metal Injection Molding (MIM), Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM), PIM (Plastic Injection Molding) and micro-molding allows MEM to produce any design-complicated orthodontic device.

MEM’s product range includes, Passive Self Ligating brackets, Conventional brackets, Buccal tubes and Archwires. All these products are certified with ISO 13485, CE, GMP, FDA.


Ormco has a distinguished 50+ year history of providing the orthodontic profession with high quality, innovative products
backed by attentive customer service and educational support. Our pledge to you, our valued customers, is to continue to
provide you with the products and services that you need and want – products that make the orthodontic experience a great
one for you, your staff and your patients.


Tomy International is Japan’s No. 1 manufacturer and supplier of orthodontic appliances. We provide complete support to orthodontic practitioners in Japan and throughout the world.


We, World Bio Tech Co., Ltd. from South Korea have designed and produced, various and advanced dental products with excellent know-how and accumulated experience in the dental materials. We are manufacturing the products by self-developments and selling them as OEM and our brand name “World Bio Tech”. Our main products are Orthodontic Brackets, Wires, Instrument and Strips.
We are always considering to meet client’s demands and products quality as the most important thing and continuously trying to develop effective products that would easy to use for dentist and comfort for patients.

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