Residents’ Forum

RESIDENT’S FORUM : Sunday March 4, 2018

8:00-8:10am WelcomeAddress
Martin Antonio V. Reyes
Local Chairman 2ndInternational APOS Residents Forum

8:10-8:20 OpeningAddress
Zhou Yanheng
Chairman 2nd International APOS Residents Forum

8:20-8:45 Tips and Life Lessons. The Journey has just Begun BryceLee
APOS President


Meeting Room A
Clinical Case Report
Dr. Derek Nadela/
Dr. Catherine Grace Fajardo-Orlina

Meeting Room B
Research Study
Dr. Cristina Laureta/
Dr. Aaron Neal Lu

Meeting Room C
Research Study
Dr. Ronaldo Vergara/
Dr. Lorena Balacanao

Meeting Room D
Clinical Case
Dr. Pinky Naranjila/
Dr. Ethel Escultura



Correction of Transposed labially locked Canines





Dr. Mohammad Omar Abdulaziz
University of the East


Morphology study of the Temporomandibular Joint with extraction orthodontic treatment using Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Dr. Lu Liu
Shanghai  Jiao Tong University , Shanghai  Ninth People’s Hospital


Effect of low laser therapy  on tooth-related  pain and somatosensory function  evoked  by orthodontic treatment

Dr. Song Wu
Nanjing Medical University  and Hospital of Stomatology


A Compensatory Treatment of Skeletal Class II and high angle  malocclusion  by extracting  the maxillary  first premolars  and the mandibular  3rd molars
Dr. Si-HuiZUo
China Medical Uiversity School and Hospital  of Stomatology


Orthodontic treatment of irregular extraction for an Angle Class II  Division 1 Patient


Dr. Qi-Chao Kang
China Medical Uiversity School and Hospital  of Stomatology




Effect of low-level laser therapy  on the outcome  of alveolar bone  grafting in patients  with cleft lip and palate

Dr. Feiran Zhang
Peking University  School  and Hospital of Stomatology

Dynamic Tensile properties  and a viscoelastic model of human periodontal ligament


Dr. Siyu Zhao
The Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Nanjing Medical University


A case of Angle Class II malocclusion with dental crowding in a growing patient


Dr. Naoki Koda
Tokyo Medical & Dental University


Meeting Room A
Clinical Case Report

Meeting Room B
Research Study

Meeting Room C
Research Study

Meeting Room D
Clinical Case



Non-extraction treatment of a Skeletal Class II Malocclusion : A Case Report



Dr. Geraldine Q Abesamis-Cruz
University of the East


The Effect of Hydrophilic Bonding Primer on the Shear bond strength of molar tubes bonded to dry and moisture contaminated porcelain surfaces
Dr. Maryam Akhoundi
University of the Philippines

The Facial Aging  Changes in Female Adults



Dr. TianyiXie
Peking University School  and Hospital of Stomatology

A compensatory orthodontic treatment of Skeletal Class III malocclusion without anterior crossbite
Dr. Cha Chang 
China Medical  University  and Hospital of Stomatology


The Different orthodontic treatment for Class I Malocclusion



Dr. Hai-YaPu
Tongji University School  and Hospital of Stomatology


The Frictional and Anti-bacteria Properties  of Stainless Steel  Coated  by Carbon Nitride (CN) thin film  used in orthodontic treatment
Dr. Meng-Qi Zhang
Peking University School and Hospital of Stomatology

Comparative Study  on time efficiency  of labial orthodontic  appliances  and lingual orthodontic appliances


Dr. Jiao Chang
China Medical University  School and Hospital of Stomatology

Adult Interdisciplinary Therapy : multiple missing teeth with periodontitis and pathological migration in Class II Malocclusion in patient treated with Temporary Anchorage Devices

Dr. Chen Chao-Yu
National Taiwan University Hospital






10:15-10:30  AM

An Integrated Treatment protocol for an adult with HemifacialMacrosomia : towards a satisfactory outcome


Dr. Hung HsienChing
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

Tet 1 and Tet 2  Maintain Mesenchymal Stem Cell  Homeostasis  via Epigenetic  Regulation  of P2rX7


Dr. Ting-Ting  Yu
Peking University  School and Hospital of Stomatology

A Pilot Study on the Metabolomics  profiles  of saliva  from female orthodontic  patients with external apical root resorption

Dr. Hui-min Hu
West China School of Stomatology

Orthodontic-surgical treatment of facial asymmetry  with high mandibular plane  angle  and condyle resorption : a case report
Dr. Chen Zong
Wuhan University School  and Hospital of Stomatology





Meeting Room A
Clinical Case Report

Meeting Room B
Research Study

Meeting Room C
Research Study

Meeting Room D
Clinical Case


Treatment in a growing patient  with high-angle  protrusion : mechanotherapy  and growth modification



Dr. Meng-Han Zhang
School of Stomatology , Zhejiang Chinese medical University

Transcriptional Activation of  Glucose Transporter  1 in Orthodontic Tooth movement  Associated Mechanical Response

Dr. Yu Wang
Peking University School  and Hospital of Stomatology

Comparison  of subjective experiences  between patients receiving  clear aligners and fixed appliances


Dr. MeiyaGao
West China Hospital of Stomatology , Sichuan University

Non-extraction treatment with “ Periodontally accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics “ (PAAO) therapy- A 5 year follow up


Dr. Ali Hebah
European University Dental College


A  Case Report :  adult  female with 3rd degree overbite


Dr. Gao-Nan Wang
Peking University  School  and Hospital of Stomatology

Inflammation deteriorates  structure  and function  of Collagen  Fibril  in TMJ disc

Dr. Sheng-Jie Cui
Peking University  School and Hospital of Stomatology

Effect of Protraction Facemask  on the Temporomandibular Joint : a Systemic Review

Dr. Xin-Qi Huang
West China School and Hospital  of Stomatology ,Sichuan University

Non-surgical treatment of Asymmetric Class III Open bite with TMD pain


Dr. Ahmed Haj Hamdan
Manila Central University


Unilateral Complete Right cleft lip  and palate management  with modified Quadhelix  and a Facemask



Dr. Mahdi Riyadh
University of the East

Hierarchically  staggered  nanostructure  promotes  endogenous bone regeneration  by regulating macrophage  polarization


Dr. Shan-Shan Jin
Peking University School  and Hospital of Stomatology




A surgical guiding device accompanied  with computer aided  design (CAD)  Prebent Titanium Plate  for Sagittal Split  Ramus Osteotomy (SSRO) in Correcting Mandibular Prognathism
Dr. Chao-Ran Xue
West China Hospital of Stomatology, Sichuan University

The Application of Counterclockwise rotation of maxillomandibular complex and surgery first approach to improve poor facial aesthetics subsequent to class II camouflage treatment

Dr. Jolene Chin-Yi Ho
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital


Meeting Room A
Clinical Case Report

Meeting Room B
Research Study

Meeting Room C
Research Study

Meeting Room D
Clinical Case

11:15-11:30 AM

Conventional Fixed Orthodontic Appliance using Standard Edgewise System and Quad Helix Expansion Appliance


Dr. Husain M. Khatibi
University of the East



Assessment of Growth  Factor’s effect  on 3D superimposition  on palatal  structures  of serial time-course  digital maxillary dental models
Dr. Fu-Jia Wen
Peking University  School  and Hospital of Stomatology

Lip Elevation Analysis  during Social Smile  using Digital  Technology


Dr. Hai –Zhen Li
College of Stomatology Xi”anJiatong University

Anterior Retraction using Straight-edge brackets with Class II Elastics : A Case Report


Dr. Emil Angelo D. Santos
University of the East


Early Surgical interventional treatment using distraction osteogenesis in a growing patient with mandibular asymmetry


Dr. Seung-Ryeol Lee
Dangkook University Korea

Shape Optimization of bone bonding subperiosteal devices with finite element analysis



Dr. Ogasawara Takeshi
Tokyo Medical University

Exosomes  derived from mechanical stimulation-preconditioned  PDLSC’s increase periodontium tissue  functional regeneration  by promoting osteogenesis

Dr. Weng –Ting Yu
Stomatological Hospital , College of Medicine , Xi’an Jiaotong University

Orthodontic Treatment of Angle Class II division 2 malocclusion with isotopic eruption of mandibular canine



Dr. Sang-Hoon Lee
Dankook University Korea

11:45-12:00 NN

A case of Class III low angle corrected with Multi-loop Edgewise Arch- wire Mechanics



Dr. John Rey Sanchez
University of the East

Study on the morphological characteristics of the dental arch based on the base bone



Dr. Jun Ling Hao
Fujian Medical University

Evaluating the Elastic Modulus of Beagle’s Periodontal Ligament with Nanoidentation Technology


Dr. Yi-Peng Fu


Orthodontic Management of Skeletal Class III Malocclusion



Dr. Lilibeth See Centro Escolar University

12: 00-12:15PM

Periodontically compromised case of Class II Division 1 malocclusion with midline deviation


Dr. Darius Madadi
Manila Central University


Predicting the Unpredictable Changes in Molar Distalization with Mini-implant: A FEM Study


The Booster Shot.. Adhesion Promoters or Deproteinizing Agents


Dr. Priya Sharma

Non-extraction treatment of severely narrow  maxillary arch  with labially locked canines  with archwire expansion using  self-ligating braces

Dr. KailashShrestha
University of the East









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Treatment of malformed teeth through orthodontic treatment




Dr. Ali Golmoradizadeh
University of the Philippines

Coupling effects of TGF-Band tensile stress  inducing  on migration of system  bone marrow  mesenchymal stem cells


Dr. Xian-AngHou
Hospital of Stomatology Xi’an Jiaotong University

Patency of midpalatal
affects the maxillary orthopedic pprotraction in pubertal patients with maxillary hypoplasia


Dr. PatchaneeSiripatra
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital


Correction of excessive overjet and overbite in a class II division 1 Malocclusion




Dr. Chloe Miranda
Centro Escolar University


Orthodontic Treatmentand Management  of Dental Class I type 3  Malocclusion using bypass mechanics : A case report


Dr. SaadKarom
Centro Escolar University

3D Printing  of Li-incorporated  bioactive glass-ceramics scaffolds with osteo/angio-stimulation ability for regeneration of jaw large-size defect

Dr. Lu Liu
Shanghai  Jiao Tong University , Shanghai  Ninth People’s Hospital

PRP injection reduces alveolar bone loss in mandibular molar protraction into an edentulous ridge



Dr. PaungmalitProudchompoo
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

Treatment of Class II Division 2 Malocclusion using Passive Self-Ligating Appliances : A Case Report



Dr. AristyRiyanti
Universitas Indonesia


Orthodontic Positioning of An Impacted Canine: Case Report



Dr. Abdirachid Muse
Centro Escolar University


Progesterone attenuates  Temporomandibular Joint inflammation  through inhibition  of NF kB pathway in ovariectomized  rats

Dr. Xin-Tong Xue
Peking University  School  and Hospital of Stomatology

Adam 10 modulates  SOX9 expression  via N1ICD during Chondrogenesis  at the Cranial Base


Dr. Run-Qing Fu
Shanghai Jiao Tong University , Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital

Orthodontic Treatment  for Orthognathic Surgery of skeletal class III patient  with facial asymmetry using CBCT Analysis

Dr. Sangyun Lee
Kyungpook National University




Meeting Room B
Research Study

Meeting RoomC Research Study





CystathinonineyLyase – Hydrogen  Sulfide Contributes  to Bone Resorption  during orthodontic tooth movement

Dr. ShenZheng Mo
Tonji University  School  and Hospital of Stomatology


Surface Characteristics  and mechanical behavior  of retrieved orthodontic micro-implants

Dr. Lu lu
Dental School of Kyungpook National University  &Stomatological Hospital  of Shandong University



2:00-2:15 PM


Histomorphometric  and biomechanical  evaluation of long term stability  of loaded  orthodontic  mini-implant  with surface sandblasted treatment

Dr. Jia-Nan Zhang
College of Stomatology , Zhejiang Chinese Medical University




Force-stimulated  endogenous  H2S modifies  Osteoclastic Activity  in tooth movement



Dr. Fu-Liang Liu
Peking University School and Hospital of Stomatology


2:15-2:30 PM


Study of the Magnetic Treatment System  Combined with Miniscrews: An animal experiment


Dr. Wei Jia Liu
Affiliated Stomatological  Hospital of Nanchang University

Decision Making Patterns of clinicians in borderline class III orthodontic-orthognathic surgery cases


Dr. Karen Voon
National University of Singapore


2:30- 2:45PM


Coffee Break

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Meeting Room B
Research Study

Meeting Room C
Research Study


2:45-3:00 PM


Dimensional Stability of Inter-occlusal Recording Materials


Dr. SaadKarom
Centro Escolar University

A Novel mutation  of MSX1 in Oligodontia  inhibited  Osteogenesis  via ERK pathway

Dr. Tian-Yi Xin
Peking University and Hospital of Stomatology




Intrafibrillarly mineralized  Collagen loaded  with Mussel Foot Protein -1 for bone regeneration


Dr. Min Yu
Peking University  School and Hospital of Stomatology


Effects of Clefting mid palatal suture mineraliztion after Alt-RAMEC



Dr. PhothapaereeNisa
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital




Stability of Self-drilling Orthodontic Temporary Anchorage Devices with and without pilot hole using 45 and 90 degree insertion angulations


Dr. Ceasar Joseph Muere
Centro Escolar University


A Scaffold-free  mineralized  cell spheroid for bone regeneration


Dr. Cui-cui Fu
The First Affiliated Hospital  of Zhengzhou University









Accuracy and reproducibility of mandibular dental arch superimposition based on CBCT voxel registration


Dr. Gao-Feng Han
Peking University School and Hospital of Stomatology

Effect of Heat on the Dimensional Stability of Slot of debonded bracket



Dr. Valerie Ann Yu
Centro Escolar University



The clinical efficacy of Invisalign  on Maxillary Molar Distalization  in Adult using  Three Dimensional  Laser Scanning

Dr. Haili Fan
Zhengzhou University

Clinical application of Digital Indirect Bonding Technique



Dr. Lu-Peng Li
Hospital of Stomatology Xi’an Jiaotong University










The evaluation of cervical spine posture after Functional Therapy with Twin Block Appliances: A Retrospective Cohort Study


Dr. AdeelTahir Kamal
Aga Khan University, Karachi

Effect pf various concentrations of deproteinizing agent on the shear bond strength of orthodontic adhesive on flourosed and non-fluorosed enamel

Dr. Christian Hernal
Centro Escolar University

Correction of the Atlas Morphology and the Maxillomandibular Divergence Pattern


Dr. HafisTahaMahmood



Factors affecting soft tissue profile changes in various skeletal class II malocclusion treatment modalities


Dr. Abdul Rahman Khan






Dr. Sandra Tai, Guest Speaker

5:00 -6:00PM

Awarding of acknowledgement certificates

Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Cristina Laureta

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