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1003 Thomas Mathew Dietary behaviour and salivary flow rate among patients undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment
1004 Christine Joy Chny Salivary Evaluation of Cadmium Ion Concentration from Silver Soldered Orthodontic Appliances
1013 Hikita Rina Effects of tongue-jaw bone relationship on respiratory function during sleep after orthognathic surgery in patients with mandibular prognathism: Comparison between one-jaw and two-jaw surgery
1016 Muere Ceasar Joseph Stability Of Self-Drilling Orthodontic Temporary Anchorage Devices With and Without Pilot Hole Using 45º and 90º Insertion Angulations
1018 Murshida Marizan Nor Potential Leaching of Hazardous Metal Ions from Silver Soldered Orthodontic Appliance: an In-Vitro Study
1022 Tomoko Yoshimi Coordination of Masticatory Muscles and Jaw Movement in Six Degrees of Freedom Depending on Food Texture during Mastication in Mice
1027 Christina Agustine Stress Distribution of Maxillary Anterior Intrusion Using Miniscrew on Segmented and Continuous Wires (3D Finite Element Analysis)
1028 Susiana Gan Correlation between malocclusion and temporomandibular disorder (TMD) in Dental Student
1035 Hong Haixin The impact of a ß2-adrenergic antagonist, butoxamine on mandibular growth retardation caused by intermittent hypoxia in growing rats
1037 Lekvijittada Kochakorn Influence of Intermittent Hypoxia on Condylar Growth: A Study in Infant Rats
1040 Chang Maolin P-CREB in PDLCs Regulate MSCs Migration at the Tension Site during Orthodontic Tooth Movement
1042 Han Guangli Is the Reproducibility of Natural Head Position in Standing Subjects Different than in Sitting Subjects?
1050 Karla Marrie Manaloto The Effects of major brand soft drinks available in the Philippines on shear bond strength and adhesive microleakage in vitro
1057 Siju Baby Padayattil Quantitative and qualitative estimation of enamel loss: in vitro study
1062 Joel Kurian Mathew Orthodontic occlusal equilibration: a non invasive approach by synchronized bite force analysis, electromyography and condylar axis recording
1066 Ruqoyyah Muslimat Othman Development of bimaxillary protrusion index through dental cast analysis
1067 Siti Maisarah Ahmad Razin Bimaxillary protrusion in Malaysian malay: a systematic categorization of skeletal and dental components and its related soft tissue features
1068 Sarah Haniza Abd Ghani Cephalometric norms of dento skeletal variables for Malaysian malays
1069 Noraina H. Norman Aesthetic preference of facial profile on multi racial samples of west peninsular Malaysian population
1071 Yu-Xia Hou Analysis of three year cliical effect of PNAM in complete unilateral cleft lip/palate
1072 Hong Zhou Clinical study of different mechanism in controlling molars vertical height
1073 Shuang Wang Coupling effects of TGF-β and tensile stress inducing on migration of system bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
1074 Yucheng Guo Application of modified indirect bonding technique in orthodontic
1078 Tai Ting Lai A randomized clinical trial for perceived pain of orthodontic patients with conventional brackets or self ligating brackets over a 1 month period
1104 Rantaro Kamimura Involvement of the 2-Arachidonoylglycerol(2-AG) in Attenuation of Neuropathic Pain following an Injury to the Trigeminal Nerve in Mice
1116 Shu-yao Wang Investigation of Clear Aligner Orthodontics
1117 Jian-Hong Yu Introduction of dual-thread orthodontic implant with revolving cap (R1)
1118 Chih-Chieh Lin Acupuncture and Orthodontics
1119 Norihisa Higashihori Long-term management of occlusion after surgical-orthodontic treatment for jaw deformity patient with schizophrenia: a case report
1128 Lee Tzu-Hsin Effect of Home Bleaching Agents on the Surface Corrosion of Stainless Steel Orthodontic Brackets
1131 Jeong Sub Lee Initial soft tissue response according to shank shape of orthodontic anchorage miniplate
1147 Kenji Ogura Analysis of Palatal Morphology in Craniosynostosis Patients: Comparison between Apert Syndrome and Crouzon Syndrome


1011 Chin Siew Yee Class III Malocclusion Made Easy: A Case Report
1012 Takashi S. Kajii The function of PLXNA2, which was suggested to be candidate genes by genome-wide association study for mandibular prognathism, on chondrocytes
1014 Pradeep Kumar Vallurupalli Adult Orthodontics with Temporary Anchorage Devices.
1023 Chloe Ann Joy Miranda Correction Of Anterior Crossbite With Camouflage Of The Underlying Skeletal Problem By Orthodontic Mechanics
1024 Tita Ratya Utari Treatment Of Complete Transposition Teeth: It’s Challenging Treatment Approach (Case Report)
1026 Amit Bhardwaj Antagonistic effect of mobile phones on fixed orthodontic treatment.
1029 Sharah Syam Stress Distribution of Maxillary Anterior Retraction Using Miniscrew with Anterior Hook on Continuous Wire (3D Simulation Finite Element Analysis)
1038 Tashkandi Yousef An Electromyography Study Comparing the Impact of Using RME’s on Masticatory Muscles Activity Among Growing Orthodontic Patients: A Prospective Clinical Study
1044 Eyad Arnos Non- surgical Management of a Vertically Impacted Maxillary Right Canine
1045 Ahmed Haj Hamdan Management of a Deep bite case associated with Class II division 2 Malocclusion: A Case Report
1048 Aaron Neal Lu Orthodontic management of a class III malocclusion in a patient with cleft lip: a case report
1049 Satish Varma Buccal crossbite correction with mini implants. 
1052 Vivek Amin Modified quadhelix: a case report
1054 Geraldin Abesamis-Cruz Non extraction management of deep bite thru intrusion  mechanics: a case report
1055 Mohamed Omar Abdulaziz Correction of transposed canine and lateral incisor with TADS
1058 Johnnie Rey Sanchez A case of Class II treated with edgewise mechanics: extraction case
1059 Riyadh Mohammed Hassan Mohammed Mahdi Two treatment approaches to treatment of skeletal class III malocclusion: a clinical report
1060 Raquel Anne G. Guerrero Correction of class III malocclusion with anterior crossbite and canting using loop mechanics in a standard edgewise system: a case report
1063 Lillibeth See-Chua Non surgical treatment of an adult with mandibular lateral deviation and dental crossbite: case report
1064 Marie Antoinette A. Caldoza Management of a class II malocclusion with open bite and high canine on a medically compromised patient: a case report
1065 Kathleen Torres Correction of class II malocclusion usng twin block appliance
1070 Fatih Kahraman Rapid maxillary expansion with hybrid appliance in 15 year old girl: a case report
1075 Nancy Godoy Management of a cleft lip and palate patient using a pre surgical naso alveolar molding device: a case report
1076 Rocelie Ringor-Sison Orthodontic management of mixed dentition in an adult patient: a case report
1080 Tarig Ali Hamed Mohamed Severe open bite and occlusal plane management: a case report
1081 Mohammed Dahan Yahya Orthodontic camouflage treatment in a young adult patient with a class II division 1 malocclusion: a case study
1082 Valerie Anne Yu Nonsurgical Management Of Class III Malocclusion: A Case Report
1083 Christian S. Hernal Correction of crossbite and temporomandibular dysfunction using expansion appliance
1084 Lauren D. Yniguez Correction of skeletal Class III malocclusion by orthodontic mechanics
1085 Hayder Ibrahim Hassan Correction of openbite using loop mechanics
1086 Geoffrey B. Estonactoc Correction of posterior crossbite using maxillary expander
1087 Sherglaisha Alpha A case study of high canine with deep bite correction in a severe crowding patient
1103 Albert Chun-shuo Huang LH MEAW technique for the assessment of tooth movement: a clinical case evaluated by cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT)
1105 Betzy Ponce LH for the treatment of adult skeletal Class III malocclusion case
1106 Che-Kang Hsu LH combined orthognathic surgery for the treatment of Angle Class III malocclusion with facial asymmetry
1107 Yu-cheng Lo LH combined with orthodontic implant for the treatment of facial asymmetry non-surgery case
1108 Zheng-mi He LH for the treatment of adult Angle Class III high angle case with anterior open bite
1109 Chien-an Lin LH for the treatment of adult Angle Class I bimaxillary protrusion case
1110 Bee-bee Yeoh LH for the treatment of Angle Class II division 2 combined with right posterior crossbite
1111 Ming-ke Tsai LH for the treatment of adult facial asymmetry skeletal Class III case
1112 Cheng-yen Hsieh LH for the treatment of adult skeletal Class III crossbite with mandibular incisor extraction case
1113 Jui-Ann Hsu LH for the treatment of adult bimaxillary protrusion case with J-hook headgear
1120 Rammanohar Mala Efficiency & Accuracy of MAT – MD: Mini-Implant Adhesive Template – Mala & Dipesh: A Versatile Template for Fast and Easy Implant Placement.
1125 Sarah Andini Two Phase Treatment Of Skeletal Class Ii Division 1 Malocclusion Using Combination Of High Pull Headgear And Twin Block 
1127 Sivakumar Arunachalam Double Loop Archwire Distalizer
1129 Lee Tzu-Hsin Fixed Appliance Combined with Autotransplantation Treatment for an Angle Class II Malocclusion with Multiple Congenital Missing Teeth
1139 Lin Chen-Ming Using Forsus fatigue-resistant device to facilitate total arch protraction in an adult patient with bimaxillary dentoalveolar retrusion
1148 Yim Sunjin Correction of unilateral scissors bite using a NiTi scissors bite corrector and indirect skeletal anchorage system
1152 Yuko Yasuda Association between malocclusion and temporomandibular disorders in 12–15-year-old Japanese adolescents: A population-based study (14/25)


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