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  1. Deadline of submission of abstracts: Dec. 15, 2017
  2. Guidelines for Abstract Submission:
    • Abstract should be written in English.
    • Abstract should include the title, author/s and content. Content should not exceed 250 words.
    • The speaker must submit the latest CV.
    • Abstracts should be e-mailed to: jpandan@yahoo.com
  3. Registration of Speakers
    • Th speaker must register for the Conference not later than 14 days upon acceptance of the abstract. The APOC Scientific Committee reserves the right to exclude a presentation if the presenter has not registered within 14 days after abstract acceptance.
  4. Presentation
    • All presentations should be in PowerPoint files only.
    • The speaker must inform the Scientific Committee the laptop to be used in order for the organizer to prepare for the adaptors if ever necessary.
    • Presentation Time – Question& Answer portion is included in the presentation time.
    • For 30-minute presentation: 20 minutes’ presentation, 10 minutes Q & A
    • All sessions will have a staff who will monitor the presentation time in order to assist the moderators keep the sessions on time. The speaker should be able to see the staff flash the time remaining for his presentation.
      • 1st warning: 5 minutes remaining
      • 2nd warning: 1 minute remaining
      • 3rd warning: Time is up
  5. There will be a separate timer for the Q & A session.
  6. Essential Information to include in the Presentation
    • Title of the presentation
    • Names and affiliations of all authors
    • Introduction and Learning Objective (s)
    • Results including Conclusions/Key Messages
    • Declaration of Conflict of Interest for all authors; if there are no relevant conflicts, this must be included in the presentation.
    • Contact details (optional) – email address
    • Data must be given in units that are generally accepted in scientific publications (international metric system is preferred)
  7. Speaker Ready Room
    • The Speakers’ Lounge area in the Conference Hall will be available during APOC.
    • Support personnel will be available in the speaker ready room to help the speakers review their presentations.

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